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The Nightmare After Christmas a Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas fanfiction by Taronyu

Four years after the Christmas fiasco, Jack and Sally are the happiest couple in Halloweentown. However—someone seeks to take Sally away from the Pumpkin King...

  1. Rag Doll Johnny
  2. NOT A NEW CHAPTER, but please read.
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After this week, sites like could be in danger of shut down

Dec 13, 11

I've censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet--a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit: 

How █████ you ████ if you ██████'t █████ ████ ██████████ ███████ ███████?


████ the ████ ██████ ██████ Act, set to be █████ and ████ ████████ ████████ in ████  2 ████ █████ ████ ████ █████ be █████ ████ by ██████.


For ███████ the ██████ of the █████ ████ ████ fan ███████ is █████ on █████ use ████ law to not ████ ████ ████ ████ █████ but the █████ ████ (████ the ████████ ███████).


Small hiccup
Service down during the weekend

Jul 18, 11

Hi everyone,

We had some problems during the weekend, it seems fictionesque has been naughty and was hogging the server for herself.

We have moved her to a new server which should make things a little faster.

Sorry for the trouble and please let us know if you notices anything not working correclty.

Link to us
Fictionesque buttons

Oct 06, 09

Hi, we just added a new page to show some buttons and links that you can use to link to Check them out here.

I publish my fanfiction at

New homepage and other deatils

Jul 13, 09

Just a short post to announce the new stuff that has been added to the site:

  1. Newcomers sidebar in the hompage. Says welcome to our newest members.
  2. Highlighted fanfiction story. Every now and then the homepage will highlight one of the fanfiction stories that our authors have published.
  3. Better support for html file uploads. We had some problems with some strage characters being displayed when authors uploaded a chapter for their fanfic using an html file. If you had used html files, you can update the content of the chapter by selecting the "manage chapters" option and then using the replace button for each chapter.

We have also received a report that sometimes new chapters get added in the wrong order to the stories, we are still working on this issue (if you experience it please let us know, it will help us troubleshoot the issue and we'll fix it for you).

Update: this error should be fixed now.

If you feel that something important is missing, tell us! Use the comments section or send us an email to support (at)

New stuff gets added... eventually

Jun 11, 09

Hi everyone,

It's been busy times for me, so much that it has been almost impossible to develop new stuff into, but lately I got around to develop some really critical functionality that was missing in the site: password recovery. You'll soon get in touch with this new functionality because Fictionesque will force you to set your secret question and answer before you can go back to using the site (for those that lost their password and before this improvemen you will have to contact us directly for a temporary password, sorry).

Per fanfic subscriptions and faves

Another big thing that we developed is the ability to subscribe or mark as a favorite a specific fanfiction story in, this will allow your readers to know when you update your stories by adding new chapters. This way your fanfiction will get read as soon as you publish new content.

Other stuff that has been tweaked are:

  • User profiles now show their interests right bellow the avatar image.
  • New homepage that looks better and is more readable.
  • The user index got a little redesign.

Many thanks to our fanfic writers and readers

We are already 427 users and almost 300 fanfics! thanks to everyone, specially those that have sent us emails reporting problems or requesting new functionallity. Thanks for your support and kind words.

We're working to make an enjoyable experience, bear with us while we travel that route but don't let us rest on our laurels and keep the emails and comments in this blog comming!

New in
Blog comments and some avatar goodness

Mar 27, 09

Hi you all! Just a brief note about some new stuff on!

As you have been able to see,'s blog has a space for user comments so start giving us your opinions! Also, we have updated the user/author list to make it more interesting, go check it and tell us what you think. Get a cool avatar and update it in your profile ;)

We have also added tags to blog entries to get them a little bit organized (each tag has it own RSS feed also).


Fanfic statistics
How many readers do your stories have?

Feb 21, 09

Starting now (well, some minutes ago), can tell you some simple statistics on your readership: Yes! we have stats and they come in a pretty-fancy-and-easy-to-read chart. Right now it shows the number of readers your fic or story has, soon we will be adding an option to allow you to see from where are your readers coming and what chapters do they read the most.

We are really happy!

We are thrilled about the attention this fanfic site has been receiving: with lees than 2 two months is receiving already around 50 visitors and 60 visits a day (and they are stay for about 3 minutes each time). Some may say those numbers aren't groundbreaking but to us it is quite an achievement! and the 73 users (26 with published stories) and their 46 fanfics (almost 2 stories per author!) are a flattering demonstration that is on the right track.

Many thanks to every each of those 73 registered users, and a really heartfelt welcome to the others that register almost daily!

Fanfics in fictionesque are not being reviewed

This is a sad thing indeed... A great deal of writing fanfics is working towards polishing our style, technique and quality and many times it is hard for a writer to grow without critique from a reader not involved with the story or the writer (unfortunately, our friends don't always point out your mistakes). Also remember that reviews are place to point out the good and bad things about a chapter or story, they are not only to give praise to the writer: remember it's all about the fanfic and not only the writer.

So, please click on that "add yours" link in the siebar after reading a chapter: do it as a courtesy to the writer and the comunity.

What else is coming?

Now that we have the stats management in place we will be giving you a way to know which chapters are read the most and from where are your readers coming. Aside from that we have planned to extend the stats gathering to your profile so that you can also know who is interested in you.

Other ideas that we have in mind are:

  • Add comments to this blog.
  • Recommend this fic (to other users in or via email)
  • Private messaging
  • New RSS feeds for tags, categories, etc...

If you think there's something more that you'd like to have in let us know!

New in
Dashboard with your stories, reviews, faves and subscribers

Jan 18, 09

Hello to all readers and writers!

We're happy to present you with a new feature in that will allow you to have quick access to the list of stories or fanfics you have published to a small amout of statistics related to you (faves and subscriptions for now, more to come soon) and a list with the last 5 reviews given and received.

This dashboard is a promise to all of your who write and publish stories and fanfics with that we will keep adding new stuff (we are thinking more statistics about you and your stories) so that you find this site easy to use.

The dashboard will be accesible to you through the submenu (only shows when you're registered to and will only be accesible only to you (other users can use your profile page).

Have a nice time writing and publishing your stories!

Edit: also available now, to aide navigation we added links to jump to next and previous chapter in a story. nice, eh?

Write fanfics?
Publish them at

Jan 04, 09

Hi writer, and welcome to!

This site has been created so that any person that wants to write stories (fictional or non-fictional) can have a place to publish them in a free and  easy way.

A little bit of history

One of the most interesting things about the act of writing is it's history and that is because history would not exist without writing (clever, don't you think?).

And throughout history, not everyone has been able to write: first there are the ones that did not know how to write (the analphabets, there are still plenty of them left unfortunately), also there where the ones that wanted to write but where not allowed to (during slavery times many colonies stablished that it was a crime to teach them to read or write), and in present times there is people that can and want to write but they don't have the economyc resources to get their creative productions to a whole lot of people.

This is where enters and gives a powerful tool to everyone that wants to write (or has already written) a story and wants to publish. is not only about fiction

If you have an original story and wish to publish it you are welcome to do it, just create your account and start writing.

Within fictionesque you will have the chance to receive reviews from anyone that reads your stories so that you can get feedback and get better at writing about the subject you really like, be it fictional or non-fictional.