Alvin and Brittany: A Love Story

The Slow Jam — Chapter 2

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So here we are at chapter 2 of this story. Before I begin, I would like to say something in response to a comment I got. It asked why this story is rated M. Well that is because of something that will happen later in the story, but we're getting off track of where we are now.

It was the night of the dance and Alvin worked up the nerve to pick up Brittany at her house next-door to his and walk her to the dance. It was pretty awkward on the way over to the school. Neither Alvin nor brittany said anything. When they finally got to the dance, the DJ played a fast song to get things started. Alvin and Brittany started dancing like there was no tomorrow!

After some snacks and socializing with friends, Alvin and Brittany made their way back to the dance floor. The Dj started to play a slow song. Alvin and Brittany held each other in thair arms as they danced around the room. Brittany rested her head on Alvin's shoulder with her eyes closed. She never wanted the dance to stop, but it had to sometime, am I right?

It was still 8:15PM, so Simon suggested that they go to Red Lobster for dinner. Alvin and Brittany decided to walk home together instead of going to dinner with the others. When the new couple got to Brittany's house Alvin said:

"Wow, Brittany, this night was amazing."

"It doesn't have to end , you know," said Brittany.

"Can I stay at your house," she asked.

"Sure," said Alvin.

For those who don't know where this is going, I'll give you a little hint:

You'll soon know why this story is rated M.