Gaara's Birthday

In The Room — Chapter 6

A fanfiction about one-shot in Anime/Manga » Gaara x Kyatorin

Just Gaara and Kyatorin9me) What will happen? Read, I hope you like it<3


Now in Gaara's room Gaara took his shirt off and put it in a red basket with a couple of other clothing’s. Kyatorin walked in front of him as he turned and she kissed him, he unexpected it, loved it.

Gaara kissed her back and held her hips and closed his eyes as Kyatorin's arms wrapped around his neck. The kiss ended shortly and Gaara said in a whisper,

" You're gorgeous."

Kyatorin smiled and said to him,

"And you're incredibly handsome!"

The two kissed and snuggled up on Gaara's bed. Gaara arm was around Kyatorin's waist and he was tempted to tickle her. Gaara began to tickle her and Kyatorin jumped, squealed and laughed.

"Gaara! Stop it I'm ticklish!"

"I can see that."

Gaara said as he continued to tickle her and smirk at her. Kyatorin was now on her back being tickled on her sides. Gaara stopped and got really close to her face. Her face was red, she was still giggling a little.

Gaara stopped tickling her and slowly put his left hand under her black shirt slowly moving up. As he slowly put his hand under her bra Kyatorin arched her back up allowing him to grasp her.

Gaara slowly and gently massaged her left breast and bent his lips down to kiss her. The couple kissed for a while as Temari and Kankuro called people over and got the food ready.

An hour later Kyatorin was on top of Gaara with no shirt, no bra and no pants. She was just wearing black-laced underwear. Gaara's hands were on Kyatorin's thighs as the two made out. Gaara had no shirt on just his black pants where on.

Kyatorin's right hand slowly traced down Gaara's, muscles to his abs to the button of his pants. Kyatorin unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down slowly she could heel Gaara harden.

Gaara arched his back up a little making his but lift up Kyatorin took Gaara's pants off and threw them on the floor. Kyatorin could feel how big he was and she was surprised on how big he was.

She never really intended in having sex with him today but if they ever did she wasn't sure if he would fit in her. Gaara looked at Ky lustfully and said,

"What's wrong?"

Kyatorin looked a little bit upset but she nodded her head and said,


She gave Gaara a small smile and pressed herself against him making Gaara groan. Gaar put his hands On Kyatorin's waist and said,

" You look upset, tell me... Do you not want this?"

Kyatorin shot up at him and said.

"No! I do want to do this. I just... Don't want to have sex at the moment..."

Gaara lightly smiled and said to Kyatorin,

"You don't have to have sex with me tonight if you don't want to. I love you..."

Kyatorin smiled and said,

"I love you too. But I might want to later...Maybe..."

Gaara smirked and cupped Kyatorin's breasts softly then looked at her emerald green eyes. Kyatorin blushed at how hot he looked when he gave her that ' you know you want me just as bad as i want you' look.

Kyatorin kissed him slowly and the kiss became a make out war. None of them would stop and they were heating up. Gaara moved up a little and started pulling down Kyatorin's underwear slowly.

Kyatorin could feel the fabric and let him take it off, she now knew her fear of having sex was over. Just by Gaara kissing her it changed her mind and she took of Gaara's underwear. Gaara began to climb on top of her and placed his shaft on her womanhood.

He looked at her eyes as they were lightly closed, and her cheeks were red. She was now gripping his shoulders and she thrusted her body to his. He looked down and noticed her legs were starting to move. She wrapped them around his waist and said,

"Do it!"

Gaara knew he changed her mind and positioned himself and then he aimed for her tight whole. Successfully he slowly entered her and watched her face in case she didn't like it.

Gaara heard groans and low moans as he was almost fully into her.  Gaara felt no pain just pleasure and Kyatorin felt slight pain but it turned into pure pleasure.

"Ah! gaara-kun!"

Gaara looked at her and said,

"Does it hurt?"

Kyatorin nodded her head and pulled him closer to her their lips inches away.

"No! Mhm..."

The wo began to thrust and Gaara could here someone come up the stairs. It was Temari , walking up the stairs and she knocked on Gaara's door and was about to open it when Gaara shouted,

"DON'T COME IN! Uh... What is it?"

Temari knew what was going on and she said,

"Well a couple of people are about to come over that are you're friends so um... finsh... up..."

Temari tried not to laugh and said to Ky,


Kyatorin took herself out of him and lay on the bed naked and said,

"We can continue later..."

Gaara begane to clothe himself and said,

"I just got a text, Ankoku wants to sleep over tonight..."

Kyatorin looked at her clothes and also began to clothe herslelf.

"Well I know I'm sleeping over, and we could continue tomorrow..."

Gaara nodded his head and said,

"Okay... You don't mind him sleeping over?"

Kyatorin nodded her head.

"I'll sleep in your bed with you, right?"

Gaara nodded and put together his belt buckle then kissed Kyatorin on the lips gently. The two were fully clothed and they walked downstairs. Kyatorinwas combing her hair with her long black shiny nails.

Gaara was just flattening his hair with his hands and Kankuro got a glimps of it. Kankuro walked over to Gaara and put his left hand on Gaara's left shoulder.

"She had to ruen it Didn't she?"

Kankuro said as he looked behind him and looked at Temari as she let in a couple of people. Gaara just nodded and took Kyatorin's hand and kissed it as Kankuro took his hand off Gaara's shoulder.

Kyatorin put her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his as she just leaned on him with her head rested on his neck and shoulder. Kankuro gave Gaara the old 'nice' look and looked at her ass.

Gaara grinned at Kankuro and then slapped Kyatorin's ass lightly. Kyatorin just kissed Gaara's neck and rested her head on him again. Gaara just grasped her ass as she just leaned on him, neither of them mind the positions they were in especially not Gaara.