"Uhm...H-h-hi" A Kankuro Love Story

"Uhm...H-h-hi" Part 8 — Chapter 8

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RECAP: "No, I'm taking you home. I'll send Temari a text saying your sick or something. Luckily all of our stuff is still in the car." Kankuro said. I just nodded, surprisingly crying took a lot out of me. I fell asleep, the last thing I remember is Kankuro carrying me to the passenger seat.... ________________________________________________________ Natu's POV I woke up in Kankuro's room, on his bed. I looked next to me, but Kankuro wasn't there. *maybe the fat lards eating downstairs* I tried to put my feet on the ground but felt something squishy and ended up falling ontop of my tripper. I looked up to see Kankuro on the floor sleeping, well he was sleeping. "Kankuro? What are you doing on the floor?" I asked a bit confused, "Weren't we at Ino's house?" Kankuro laughed before saying, "We left remember? And you actually let your emotions out! So we left and I took you home. I took you in my room just in case you woke up crying, and I'm on the floor because I don't think you'd like me sleeping with you." Then, I kissed him, not only because he calmed his hormones and slept on the floor, and not only because he helped me in my time of need, but also because I was craving the feeling of security and happiness. Of course he kissed back but gave me a look that questioned my actions. "Sorry, I like kissing you." I said with a smile. "Don't apologize! I love kissing you!" He said while kissing me again. "Hehe, so does this mean... we're dating?" I asked. Kankuro shrugged, I glared at him, and he laughed. He kissed my forehead then questioned me, "Natsu Ame Yakushi (Translation: Summer Rain Yakushi) Will you pretty pretty please with a cherry on top be MY and only MY girlfriend?" He asked so adorably that even if i wanted to say no i would of said yes. "Yes Kankuro No Sabaku, I'll be YOUR and YOUR'S only girlfriend." I said with an even bigger smile. Kankuro seemed very happy then added, "I've loved you for so long, I never knew I'de be able to make you mine though. Hmm I wonder what else I can do, wanna be my sex slave?" He asked in a playful manner, I knew he was joking, but why not tease him a bit? "Hmm maybe, maybe not." I licked his lips and slid my hand down his pants. His eyes formed a shocked expression. I stroked the underside of his 'stick' and played around with it. It became rather large and hard, I slid my hand out. "Seriously woman I just asked you out and your making sexual suggestions already?" Kankuro said trying very hard not to take me right at that moment. "I thought guys liked that?" I said glad i teased him so. "Yes! We do! but don't just date me for my sexaaaay body." he replied with a wink. "Haha! What sexaaaay body?" I teased, Kankuro groped my breast for just a few seconds I wasn't too surprised, then he answered, "Your's." ;D. I enjoy teasing him. I got up and 'dropped' a hair clip, then bent over and picked it up. "Oops" I exclaimed. Kankuro hurriedly got up and smacked it, then whispered with a large bulge present in his pants, "One of these days your going to get what your asking for." I giggled then asked, "What do you want for breakfast?" "How about I take my girlfriend out to eat?" Kankuro pleaded with his lower lip sticking out slightly. "Okay boyfriend. :)" I accepted right as Kankuro's phone rang, It was a text from Temari. It read: is natsu ok? if so come to narutos house were havin another sleep over this one will b more fun tho k? cumon please come! there will b food & drinks & stuff plz! text bak if u need 2 know where narutos house is @ love ya! not!! Kankuro texted back: Learn how to spell, use grammar, and punctuation. Garaa spent a lot of money for school on you! I remember where Naruto lives and Natsu is fine, considering she's my new girlfriend!! :D I giggled at his excitement not long after Kankuro got another text from Temari saying: OMG! good 4 u 2 & im txtin i hav an excuse 2 spell rongly b here in 2 hours or else! "Do you still want to go to breakfast?" Kankuro asked. "No, we have two hours lets go! Oh! and remind me to check my phone after we repack, I haven't looked at it in a while." I replied to my new boyfriend.