Fixing His Mistake

FHM ch.7.docx — Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Nearly stumbling inside the massive Uchiha house, Sasuke and Naruto unlocked their hands as the raven turned and closed his front door. Naruto gazed about him in awe, never having seen the inside of his friend's home before. "Wow," he mumbled, impressed. Sasuke shrugged, used to this reaction from people who see his home for the first time.

Naruto carefully walked around, inspecting Sasuke's family heirlooms and other baubles laying on tables in the entranceway and living room. The furniture was a bit out of date, but had been very well taken care of. He paused to look over some pictures Sasuke had kept, mainly of his parents, but there were a few of Itachi scattered about as well. Everything was in such an orderly manner, unlike Naruto's own apartment. The blonde knew Sasuke was a neat freak, as evidenced by how clean and tidy everything was. Knowing this, he was almost afraid to touch anything, in fear he'll get something dirty or, even worse, break something. He didn't have much time to ponder such things as Sasuke once again took his hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom.

Following behind the older man, Naruto's eyes widened as he took in Sasuke's room. It was done in a surprisingly soft shade of cream, with navy blue drapes at the two windows, one facing the doorway and the other next to the large bed in the corner. The bed itself was also covered in navy, with matching throw pillows in the same hue and in black. The comforter had small Uchiha fans interspersed on it, with a larger fan decorating the wall above it. Two lamps with the Uchiha insignia on them gave the room a warm glow.

While Naruto had been busy goggling at his surroundings, Sasuke had taken advantage of the blonde's distracted state and begun disrobing. He came to stand in front of Naruto, and the younger boy blushed as he saw the powerful, pale chest displayed before him. Bright blue eyes clashed with onyx, then Naruto leaned forward eagerly and met Sasuke's mouth with his own.

Clinging tightly to the raven's shoulders for support, Naruto moaned loudly into the kiss. When his mouth opened slightly, Sasuke took that moment to slip his tongue inside Naruto's hot and moist cavern. He started tugging on the blonde's shirt, wanting to feel Naruto's bare skin under his fingertips.

Pulling the shirt over his dobe's head, Sasuke released his hold on Naruto's mouth and simply stared at the golden chest revealed to him, lust firing in his eyes. Naruto wasn't as muscular as Sasuke, but that wasn't to say he was skimpy in comparison. Lean muscles flexed as he moved, his stomach sporting a slight six-pack under his seal. Sasuke ran his hands along Naruto's smooth sides to his waist, admiring the satiny texture of the blonde's skin.

Nearly overcome with desire for the man in front of him, Sasuke again took Naruto's mouth and bore him to the soft bed behind them. Keeping Naruto preoccupied with his lips and tongue, Sasuke laid the blonde against the mound of pillows, slowly pulling the pants over tan legs. Once he got them free, the raven threw them on the floor next to his own discarded pair. Both of them finally naked, Sasuke lifted his head and gasped at the feel of his bare flesh against Naruto's.

Leaning back slightly, Sasuke looked down at a totally nude Naruto for the first time. His Sharingan activated, wanting to memorize every detail of his dobe's body. Naruto's golden skin gleamed in the lamplight, his sunshine-bright hair splayed out over the pillows. His dusky pink nipples were hard little nubs, and his manhood stood at attention in a nest of yellow curls. Sasuke eyed the body below him appreciatively.

Bending back down to Naruto, Sasuke began lightly kissing and nipping along the column of Naruto's throat. He sucked at the pulsepoint for a few moments, enjoying the feel of Naruto squirming against him. Sasuke then continued his trek down, grazing over the blonde's Adam's apple, before coming to a stop at his right nipple. He felt Naruto's fingers digging into his shoulders as he suckled the hardened point in his mouth, then lightly bit it. Naruto writhed wantonly as Sasuke lavished attention on the other nub, giving it the same treatment, before running his tongue down toned abs to Naruto's navel.

Lifting his mouth from the sweet skin, Sasuke laid down between Naruto's thighs, glancing up at the whiskered face he'd grown to love so much. He saw that Naruto had his eyes closed, and was breathing heavily. Face to face with Naruto's cock, a devilish smirk came over the Uchiha's features as he slid it into his hot orifice completely. Naruto arched off the bed, a choked half-scream escaping from his lips as his hands dove into Sasuke's thick mass of ebony hair.

Nearly growling at the blonde's taste, Sasuke took Naruto all the way in, the back of his throat convulsing around the tip of the blonde's penis. Naruto whimpered, broken cries slipping from his mouth as he clutched onto the raven's midnight strands. When Sasuke began to bob his head up and down on the shaft in his mouth, he had to hold down Naruto's slim hips when he started bucking wildly. Naruto, who'd never been touched like this before, felt he was being driven out of his mind with pleasure. All he could concentrate on was the fiery heat surrounding his cock.

Feeling Naruto swell even bigger in his mouth, Sasuke began sucking harder, wanting to bring him to climax. After a few more strong sucks, Naruto stiffened and exploded into Sasuke's eager cavern. His body went limp as the raven milked him dry, swallowing his essence as the younger man shuddered. Licking Naruto clean, Sasuke then crawled back up Naruto's form, his mouth seeking the other's. Naruto groaned as he tasted himself on Sasuke's tongue. Their embrace lasted until Sasuke began stroking the blonde's member back to hardness. Naruto tore his lips from the Uchiha's and cried out as Sasuke ran his fingers around his cock, thumbing the slit as he reached the top.

Sasuke stared at the breathtaking sight of his flushed dobe, blue eyes drowsy from his orgasm, his gold skin coated with a sheen of sweat. Not wanting to wait anymore to be part of the one he loved, Sasuke reached over to the table beside his bed and grabbed a bottle of lube he'd placed there. Looking into the eyes that shamed the sky, he wanted to make certain Naruto really wanted to continue.

"Naruto, are you sure you want to do this? We can stop if you're not ready."

Cerulean orbs stared confidently back into onyx. "I'm ready, Sasuke. I want to be with you, in every way. Please don't stop now!"

Hearing the pleading tone, Sasuke smiled at Naruto, briefly kissing him before opening the bottle and pouring a bit into his palm to slick his fingers. Reaching his hand down, the raven teased the puckered outside of Naruto's entrance, then gently slid the tip of his forefinger inside. Feeling Naruto tense at the slight intrusion, Sasuke began caressing the blonde's cock to take his mind off the pain of being stretched.

Arching back in pleasure at the feel of Sasuke's hand stroking him, Naruto quivered in anticipation. He felt one of Sasuke's long digits slide deeply into him, and though it was a bit uncomfortable at first, every thought suddenly flew out of his head when the finger brushed over a certain spot, causing him to cry out loudly and spread his legs even wider, granting Sasuke more access.

Sasuke continually rubbed Naruto's prostate, adding another finger to begin scissoring motions. After several minutes of stretching, Sasuke deemed the blonde ready. Naruto's head was tossing on the pillows, and his penis was leaking pre-cum profusely.

Settling his body between tan thighs, Sasuke covered his cock in lube, then positioned himself at Naruto's prepared hole. He watched Naruto's face as he inched inside his body slowly until he was fully sheathed. Naruto felt a small twinge of pain, which immediately changed to unbelievable pleasure when he felt Sasuke sink ball's deep in him, the plump head of his shaft grazing over his sweet spot.

Naruto mewled, his arms twining around Sasuke's neck as his legs wrapped around the raven's hips. Taking this as a sign to move, Sasuke began to thrust into Naruto, setting up a rhythm. He pulled out almost to the tip, then glided back inside. Sasuke kept his steady pace of deep thrusts, loving the feel of Naruto's tight, hot passage gripping him as he moved.

Naruto threw his head back in blinding pleasure when Sasuke started pumping his cock in time with his deep thrusts. The sensation of Sasuke moving powerfully inside him was almost more than he could bear. Naruto's eyes rolled in the back of his skull as Sasuke repeatedly hit his prostate, sending exquisite bursts of white-hot ecstasy along his nerve endings.

"Ah! Ah! Sa-Sasuke!" Naruto whimpered, raising his hips to meet Sasuke's downward plunges. Hearing his lover's cries, Sasuke sped up his movements, wanting to see Naruto's face as he came. He could feel the blonde's body clenching, his inner chamber gripping him tightly and making it a little harder to thrust inside him. Still stroking Naruto's penis, Sasuke ran his thumb over the engorged head, and it was suddenly too much for Naruto. His back bowed as he screamed, nails digging into Sasuke's skin as his anus contracted around the older man's shaft, causing Sasuke to orgasm as well.

Sasuke's head flew back, eyes shut tight as he spilled his seed deep within Naruto's body. The two shuddered together, then Sasuke fell forward onto the blonde, panting in exhaustion and sated bliss. He slowly pulled out of Naruto, semen leaking out with his withdrawal. Retrieving his shirt off the floor, the raven used it to wipe the both of them clean, then curled behind Naruto, holding him close as they dozed, fingers tangled together lovingly.


Genma walked Sakura to her house after their first official date, his arm around her slender waist. Reaching her front porch, the pink-haired woman took out her keys and unlocked her front door, then turned to smile up at Genma. The long-haired brunette quietly whispered, "Good night," and gave Sakura a gentle kiss on her lips. Sakura returned the kiss, which lasted several moments before Genma moved back. A smile on his face, he again bid her good night and left. Sakura made her way inside, and practically floated to her room in a happy daze. She and Genma had already made plans to see each other again the following night, and she couldn't wait.

Getting ready for bed, she thought of her friends and hoped they'd had as good a night as she'd had.


Across the village, in Sai's apartment, Kiba clutched two fistfuls of Sai's comforter, moaning loudly as the dark-haired artist raked over the bundle of nerves inside him with another deep thrust. Sweat pooled beneath their bodies as they both strove for completion, Sai holding Kiba to him tightly as he pounded into him from behind. With a few more hard thrusts, both men cried out in release, Kiba slumping forward with Sai molded to his back.

After regaining his ability to breathe normally, Sai carefully separated from the brunette and walked into the adjoining bathroom to get a towel. Coming back to the bed, he gently cleaned Kiba then himself before climbing under the covers and pulling the dog-nin into his arms. Kiba sighed, curling up on Sai's chest with a whispered, "I love you," then fell asleep.

Sai smiled, combing his fingers through untamed brown locks as he held Kiba, returning the sentiment to his now-sleeping lover. As he also fell asleep, he thought briefly of Sasuke and Naruto. Much as he disliked the other raven, he hoped for Naruto's sake that things worked out for them, and the blonde found as much happiness with the Uchiha as he had with Kiba.