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The Human World prt 1 — Chapter 1

A fanfiction about school vampire naruto sakura sasuke and everyone else in Anime/Manga » love fame hated fortune singer lover and all the above stuff

sakura pov

sakura can u get down here plz me and ur father want to speak to u my mother screamed down. coming mother i screamed as i raned down the stairs anixous (sp) to know what she wanted to talk to me about.ok hun take a seat and have a cup of coffee with me and ur father my mom said with a weird smile. whats going on? i quenstioned both of them. well princess ur getting married my dad said with a smile. your joking rite i joked. no babe we mean it ur getting married my mom said. WHAT?!?!?! u must be crazy rite who am i marrying to i said pissed. well he is handsome nice a vampire my mom said not answering my question. WHO AM I GETTING MARRY TO MOTHER FATHER!!! i screamed. sasuke uchiha my father whisper. WHAT SPEAK UP CANT HERE U i screamed. SASUKE UCHIHA OKAY my father screamed. no no no no no no no no no nooooooooooo way i am not marrying him and u cant make me i said running up stairs slaming my bed room door and screaming to my pillow.

sasuke pov

sasuke honey can u come down here plz my mom said. yea im coming i said walking down the stairs. what i said with no emotion or care. ur getting married my mom said hoping up and down and my father reading his newspaper. im not marring nobody i said. yes u are getting married my father said still looking in his dumass not getting married to no one u cant make me i said. but u dont want to know about her my mom said with a sad look and puppy eyes tht made me give and ask question about this girl. whats her name and whats she like i said not caring. well here name is sakura haruno and i no u no she is a vampire princess. im not marring pinky no way and u cant make me dont ever bring tht up again in ur life her name disgust me i said walking up stairs and slaming my bed room door.

narrator pov

ok its my turn to talk thnk gooddness lets start with sasuke shall we sasuke mom mikito walked up sasuke stairs and told him another news she told him tht its not her idea of his father its the head vampire of his clan but sasuke refuse so she told him tht if he doesnt want to marry sakura he has to go to the human world and get to no her better if he dont want to do tht he has to go to jail for 300yrs i no selfish but my story so to bad ha im so evil anyways sasuke choose to go to the human world and sakura the same thing they pack their bags and flew down to the human world sakura arrived first so lets see wht happens

sakura pov

i arrived at the human world and saw a lady standing infront of me. are u princess sakura haruno she said. who wants to know i said looking at her. me i am ur maid and i wanted to show u ur palace she said. well i am vampire princess sakura haruno and u may shpw me to my place i said with a smile. rite this way princess she said with a smile. plz call me sakura i hate the whole mis haruno and princess thing i said walking behind her. thank u sakura  she are u a human i asked. on no i am a elf/vampire she said. do tell me how are u an elf and a vampire i said curious. well my mother is an elf and my father is a vampire they both falled in love deeply in loved she said stopping here is ur palace sakura. wow its big and beautiful i said with amazment (sp). yup here let me get ur bags and show u to ur room she said taking my bags. ok thnx i said walking inside. but first ill show give u a tour this is the dinning room the kitchen,play room,chocolate room,mcdonalds room,breakfast room,cafe room,tv room,living room,training room, blood room, meat locker, animal room, game room, dance room,club room, party room, snack room, the ugh um (whisper in ear) love room if u no wht i mean,computer room, laptop room, phone room, ipod room, music room, art room,rock room, stage room, consert mode room, chair room, mortocycle room, car room, limo room, yatch room,talk room, panic room, guest rooms there are 57 rooms, there are 37 bathrooms,ramen room, and here we have the mall every couture and boutiques and stares, grocier store, sushi room, and tht it and here is ur room here is the bathroom ur shower balcony in the bathroom and there another balcony right next to ur bed with is extra queen size there is ur flat screen tv i no it hudge but  u will get use to it and ur computer over there and on ur dreseer is the laptop if u dont want to use tht computer here is ur ipod touch headphones and there are about 15,000 emo,goth,punk,metal,rock music in there all the bands u like i research u dont worry ur mini-fridge and if u need anything there the innercom she said out of breathe. well thnx but im not doing all tht later i will but rite now i wanna sleep if u dont mind i said yawing. of course sakura i will let u no sasuke is here she said with a smile. yea dont i dont want to no if hes here alive maybe dead but thts it i said laying down in my bed and falling asleep.