Wolfing Around

Heaven — Chapter 27

A fanfiction about werewolf in Books » movies

Bella's POV

About a week later was when I was starting to panic, I was three days late, which wouldn't have bothered me before, but since I had reason this time, I wondered whether the time had actually come. Dad and Sue were returning tomorrow and Seth would be going home. He had been great this week, helping around the house and spending quite a bit of time with me, talking about a lot of stuff. He also went to Emmett's quite a bit and either stayed over there or was back at a respectable time. But I have been stressing the past few days, without telling anybody of course, there was no need to get people used to the idea.

It was late morning and I was just rolling out of bed and stepping into the shower. Letting the steaming hot water ease the knots of tension in my shoulders and back. Sam was working today, having left earlier and I thought that I might take him some coffee and donuts, just being a good little girlfriend after all.

I have to look stunning of course, since those pricks that arrested me that time would probably be there. Officer Long and Isaac…pfft. So I washed my hair and scrubbed my body before sliding out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my body.

Padding to the bedroom, I rubbed my body dry before wrapping the towel around my head so that I could do my makeup, I decided to go for a soft, nude lip and a shocking bright blue eyeliner and lashes of mascara which made my lashes look like they were two feet long. Taking my hair down, I let it dry in its natural fat curls while I searched around for some clothes. I pulled on a black, cut out strap, hanky hem top and some tight, dark blue skinny jeans. I threw on a blue boyfriend cardigan and some high black patent stilettos. Giving a twirl in the mirror, I concluded that I looked pretty good and trotted downstairs.

Seth was sitting on the couch, all curled up on his side, head resting on the arm, watching television. I smiled at him when I walked in. "Morning, sweetie."

He looked up at me, "Hey, enjoy your lie-in?" he asked, grinning.

"I did indeed. I'm going to head out and see Sam at the station."

"Okay then, I was going to pop over to Paul's in a bit anyway." he said, his voice soft.

"Okay, have fun." I kissed him on the head before grabbing my purse, "Loup, you coming?" I called. The dog lifted his head from his paws and yipped, jumping up from his spot on the floor and bounding to me feet. "Good boy. See you in a bit Seth."


Walking out to the car, I let Loup in the back and then jumped in the front and headed towards work, I could get good coffee and donuts there. When I pulled up outside of 'Sue's', I left Loup in that back while I went in.

"Hi, Edna." I smiled at the women behind the counter and she returned it, flipping her long black hair out of her face.

"Hey, darlin', what can I do for you? You're not working today."

"Oh, I know, can I get half a dozen coffees and a dozen donuts to take away please."

"Sure thing, how do you want the coffee's?"

"Well, I know Sam likes his black, what about the other officers?"

"Ah, yes, all black then." She grinned, "Taking them coffee and donuts, what a wonderful girlfriend you are."

"Oh I know." I teased and handed over some money.

Carrying a coffee cup holder and a box of jam donuts became a difficult when I got to the pull door to leave, but thankfully a nice customer jumped up to hold the door open for me.

"Thank you." I smiled at him as I headed out, when I got to the car I balanced the coffee's on top of the donuts and pulled the door open. Leaning in to place the stuff on the passengers seat before getting in myself. I had to bat Loup's nose out from between the seat as he smelt that delicious, sugary scent.

I drove to the police station, singing along to Christina Aguilera on the way. In the background the roar of my car even better music to my ears. Loup was chattering away, yipping and barking as he looked out of the windows, probably not seeing much since they were tinted.

I parked up again outside the station, grabbed the stuff and let Loup out and headed into the building. To say I was shocked to see Kyle sitting in the waiting room area was an understatement. I raised an eyebrow at him and he gave me a guilty smile.

Sam was sitting behind the desk, along with a few other officers that I don't know and Officer Long was sitting on the furthest desk, head down and scribbling away at some forms. My soulmates head came up as soon as he scented me and his lips curved into a hung smile, which of course, made the others wonder what he was looking at, and they looked up also.

"Hey guys." I smiled and lifted the box and holder in my hand higher, "Coffee and donuts."

All the officers whooped and even the Long looked up. He looked thoroughly tired and bored. He must have been put on desk duty for the last few months and I felt a little sorry for him. He didn't look at him with hatred or disdain, like I though he would. In fact, he looked a little sorry. I gave him a little smile and gestured to the coffee, he let out a breath and smiled back at me. I really couldn't hold grudges.

All the men jumped up, grinning from ear to ear and took the stuff from me. An officer in his late twenties, beamed at me and winked. He had a kind face, soft chocolate eyes that crinkled with his smile and floppy black hair. These native Americans are pretty hot, I have to admit.

"Sam, you are one lucky man." he chuckled before sipping at the coffee he grabbed.

Sam's lips spread into a grin, "Oh, I know." he said, leaning over the desk to kiss me. I let my eyes slip close and returned it, sliding our lips together before pulling back. The men around us cat called and whistled.

Laughing, I winked at Sam. "You alright? Didn't get to see you this morning." I pouted.

"I thought I'd let you sleep, baby. You looked comfortable." he ran his fingers through my hair, looking into my eyes.

"I love you." I murmured quietly, trying to be a bit more intimate then our surroundings really allowed.

"And I love you, my Bella. I was thinking that we should go on a date tonight." he added.

My heart sped up, beating heavily and his eyes flashed down to my chest as he heard it. "I would love that, do you have anything planned."

"Its looks like its doing to stay dry today, so how about a picnic on the beach?" he raised an eyebrow in query.

I nodded, "Sounds great, I'll get a basket made up with food later."

"I cant wait." He sighed, "Just me and you."

I looked back over my shoulder at Kyle, before turning back to Sam. "What's he here for?"

Sam jerked his chin in Officer Long's direction, "Long arrested Landon earlier, Kyle's here to bail him out again."

I rolled my eyes, "I'm not even going to ask what he got arrested for." Loup barked from his place at my feet and Sam came around, knelt down and buried his hands in the long fur at our puppy's neck. Loup all but ate his face. I chuckled down at them. "That's kinda gross, you know. Don't think I'm kissing you goodbye."

Sam shot back up, "But baby…"

"Nope." I smirked, shaking my head. "I cant stay long, babe, I have to meet up with Leah and Rye. The scan is today."

His face lit up, "Oh yeah, I forgot. I bet you a long make out session that it's a girl." he grinned.

I narrowed my eyes slightly, "Okay, but if it's a boy, you have to clean the house from top to bottom."

He pulled a face at me, scrunching his nose up in the cutest way. "You couldn't bet something sexy?" when I just laughed at him, he sighed, "Okay, it's a deal." we shook hands quiet hard.


I turned at the sound of my name, Landon was walking out, he ran a hand through his blonde locks and licked his lips nervously. He smelt of sweat and blood, so I figure he got into a fight. I padded up to him, smiling.

"Hey you." I rested a hand on his shoulder, "Up to no good again?"

He lifted a shoulder, "Kinda."

I heard the officers whispering to Sam behind us. "Competition?"

"No." Sam grunted.

"Then why do you look like you're going to kill the guy?" another one questioned.

"Just because he's not competition doesn't mean I want him around my woman." Sam rumbled and there were a lot of understanding murmurs.

"Fighting, I take it." I turned my attention back to Landon.

He nodded, "Uley tell you?"

"Nope, I'm guessing."

"Wow, I must make such an impression." He chuckled.

I shrugged, "You better get back and get some rest, you're looking a little tired there."

"Yeah, its not so comfortable back there." he muttered, leaning in to kiss my cheek. "I would hug you but I'm not so fresh right now."

I chuckled and kissed his cheek in return, ignoring my mates quiet snarl. "Try and stay out of trouble, Lan…please." I said sincerely and his whole demeanour changed. His bright blue eyes stared into my own, softening as they did so. His body relaxed and he sighed softly.

"I'll try, Bells." he said and I could hear that he was being genuine.

"See ya." I smiled as he said goodbye and walked off towards Kyle, who waved and smiled at me. Landon patted him on the shoulder and they walked off together.

"Baby, come here." Sam called and I turned to raise an eyebrow at him. "Please." he added, seeing my face. A few of the boys mimed cracking a whip.

"That's better." I teased, walking towards him. "I need to get going."

"Kiss me." he grinned, so I stepped behind the desk and leaned down, brushing my lips teasingly over his. He glared at me, making me chuckle before I pressed my lips against him. Moaning softly, I kissed him thoroughly before pulling back slightly.

"See you later." I murmured.

He licked his lips, nodding, "I'll shower and change when I get back and we can head out after. Call me after the scan and tell me the news."

"I will." I straightened to full height and lifted my hand to the others, "Bye guys."

They all said bye and thanked me for bringing the coffee and donuts. I whistled to Loup, who got up and trotted to my side. "Hey, he can stay here, I'll drop him off when I go on my next patrol." Sam said.

"Okay, baby." I smiled before heading out.

I drove to Fork's hospital where I was meeting Leah and Rylan. The car park was packed which was surprising. Everyone was back at school in Forks now and the school at the Rev starts tomorrow. When I finally found a place, I had to run towards the entrance and up to the floor where they had done the first scan. It wasn't hard to do that in my shoes, although if I had been fully human it would have been.

"I'm so sorry I'm running late, trouble finding a parking spot." I said as I reached Leah and Rye. The sonographer, Carl was with them also, smiling.

"Its okay, we're just going in now." Leah grinned, linking our arms, "You are looking sexy, by the way."

I chuckled, "Thanks." I flashed Carl a smile, "Hi." I greeted.

"Hey there." he replied before leading us down the hall and into the room we had been in before.

"Me and Sam have a bet on, so lets hope it's a boy." I teased as Leah slid onto the recliner and lifted her top over her five month bump. It was shocking that the time had gone so quickly, and now the russet skin of her stomach was rounded and I still had trouble believing that another person was growing in there.

"What were the terms?" Rylan chuckled.

"If he wins we have to make out for ages, if I win he has to clean the house." I smirked.

Leah laughed, "Good one."

"We're even doing on a date tonight, its going to be nice spending some time with him like that."

"I'll bet." Leah said as Carl squirted a load of that blue gel on her stomach and grabbed the white scanner thingy.

"Ready to see your baby?" He asked in a light, cheery voice.

Rylan looked at him like he was stating the obvious, "Hell yeah, man."

Laughing, Carl switched the thing on and the picture on the screen went to that familiar black and grey colour and I gasped as the image of the baby came up pretty much instantly. It was so much bigger. How could anything grow that much in a few weeks? It looked half baked already, which I suppose it really was, with only four months left.

"Wow." I muttered softly, not being able to keep it in.

Leah looked over at me, her face holding an expression that I couldn't really place but knew it was on the positive side. The flutter of a heartbeat was easily seen, the gentle wave of grey dancing in chest of that little human.

"Would you like to know what the sex of the baby is? it's a very clear picture." Carl grinned, he must really like his job, he looked like he didn't get bored of telling people whether their child was a boy or girl.

"Yes please, we would like to know." Rylan nodded, his hand gripping Leah's so hard that his knuckles were white but I knew she didn't feel it like other people would.

"It's a girl." Carl said softly and it seemed like my whole world stopped for just a second.

I never really thought that you could have such love for something that isn't actually part of this world yet, especially when that thing wasn't yours. But in that moment, the reality of the situation hit me. I was going to be an aunt. I was going to have a beautiful little niece to love and spoil. My heart was so swollen I was surprised that you couldn't see the lump of it against my chest.

It was so real. It wasn't just a baby anymore. wasn't just something that Leah was housing for nine months. It was a girl, a little girl, my niece and Dad and Sue's granddaughter. It was my step sister and friends daughter. Daughter!

"A girl." Rylan whispered, his voice soft and awe filled, he stared at the screen…at his daughter. Leah was staring too, as was I and I could sense Carl looking back at us, a wide beaming smile gracing his lips. I swallowed thickly and said the only thing I could muster.

"Damn, guess that means I owe Sam a make out session."

The three of us laughed and my comment broke the silence in a good way. Rylan's eyes were wide with amazement. "I'm going to have a daughter." he muttered and I saw his eyes well up a little.

This was a good moment for him. Because although at the beginning, he thought he wasn't ready, seeing his daughter will make him realise that he's going to be the best father he can be. I could see it in his eyes.

"She's going to be beautiful." I murmured

Leah gave a wobbly smile, "I cant believe it. I'm having a little girl. God, now I have to think of names and decorate the nursery." her eyes showed her shock and excitement.

"Congratulations." Carl said, before printing off some of the scan images. "She's very healthy and growing well." he added.

"I still have to wait ages for her, that's annoying." Leah pouted.

"Yeah, but you need to let her cook for a bit more. Its worth it."

I chuckled, "That's for sure."

Leah wiped the gel from her stomach with the paper towel Carl handed her and got up from the recliner, pulling her top down as she did so. She beamed at me, "I'm having a girl!"

I laughed and pulled her into a hug, wrapping my arms around her neck. "Congrats, sis." I whispered into her ear as she hugged me back, his arms squeezing my body tightly.

"Thanks." she kissed my cheek and stepped back to let me hug Rylan in the same manner.

"Who'd a thought it, aye. My little Rye, a daddy."

"Its so crazy, but I'm so happy, Bells. Thank you."

I frowned into his neck, "Why you thanking me?" I asked.

"Because without you, I never would have come to Fork's and met Leah. Never would have had what I've got right now." his lips brushed my ear, before he leaned back and pecked me on the mouth in a friendly, loving kiss. "Love you."

"Love you too, babe." I smiled, stroking my thumb over his cheek.

Leah set up her next appointment and the three of us walked down towards the car park. Chatting about what they were going to do with the nursery. Leah was against the whole pink thing, said that she wasn't going to submerge her child in so much stereotyping just after birth. Instead, she wanted cream walls, so that she could put up lots of pictures of the family on the walls without the walls taking over and sticking out to much. She didn't mind a soft peach and white interior, she thought that was appropriate. Rylan didn't look like he had much of a say, which I don't fault Leah for one bit.

"Hey, why don't you two go spend some time together." Leah said as we left the hospital and stepped into the parking lot.

My heartbeat sped up a little in excitement. "Oh, I would love that. We haven't really done that at all yet."

Rylan grinned, the smile completely taking over his face. "God, we've been so busy with things happening in our private lives we're not making time for each other. You wanna go grab some lunch in Port Angeles?"

"That would be great." I turned to Leah, "Are you going to be alright?"

She rolled her eyes and nodded, her hair bouncing as she did so. "Of course. I'm going to clean up around the house a little and head over to Kim's. I'm quite capable, thank you." she winked. "Have fun you two."

Rye and I headed towards my car after making sure she the one she brought, it was Jacob's Rabbit. Leah and Rye didn't have a car here so the borrowed Jakes. Who was at the Cullen's today…and pretty much ever other day. But hey, cant blame him. I started up the car and headed in the direction of Port Angeles.

"So, how is Jake getting on with Edward?" Rylan asked as though he was reading my mind.

I chuckled, shaking my head. "He's smitten, of course. Cant keep away from him much. Their relationship is moving on faster then I thought. Edward feels the imprint a lot, I guess."

"Yeah, its hard to resist when you know that person is everything you ever want and need."

"I hear ya there. Edward was pretty understanding from the start though, I think he felt that it was his time and he wasn't going to let the chance go. The dude is like…old!" I laughed and Rylan chuckled.

"That's true, Jake got himself a sugar daddy." we chuckled again, "Will Jake be immortal, like those vampires." he asked and I hung my head at the question. I did hate the idea of growing old, having children and such, while Jacob lived forever. Dying while he was still sixteen years old. A part of me wondered whether I would be able to stand seeing him when I was old and wrinkle, or whether there would be a time where I tell him not to come back until I've gone.

"As long as he keeps phases or staying in wolf form, he wont age. So he's not immortal, he's just…ever living."

"Same thing isn't it?"

I lifted a shoulder, "I assume you have to be dead to be immortal. Like the vamps. He can die, he'll just choose not to. He's still mortal."

"So, when are you and Sam going to stop phasing? I know Leah is thinking about not phasing again once the baby is born. That way we can grow old together, my aging mechanism is stuck on normal after all."

"I get that, as for me and Sam, I'm not sure. We'll have to slow down a bit after we have children, since they will be growing. But if then if they phase we might be able to grab a few extra years together." I blew out a breath. "The older boys look about twenty-five, so when Kim's that age, Jared will probably slow down. Brady and Collin can just live until they decide they want to grow old together."

"Its quite amazing." Rylan sighed happily, "The way these things are. I never imagined I would ever be a part of something like this."

"Same here." I murmured, "But now I am, I cant imagine life any other way. Though I loved it back in phoenix, I'm glad I left."

"Hell, it didn't take much for me to move here. When you have something this good, nothing can compare." he said, running his hands over his knees.

We went a little further then Port Angeles, to grab some lunch at Applebee's for the first time in ages. We parked up and headed in. It wasn't that busy, but there were a few full tables. Rye and I got led to a booth and sat down.

"Any drinks?" The waitress asked, her ponytail swishing behind her as she turned her head between me and Rylan.

"Can we get two Oreo shakes and two cokes please." Rye smiled and she nodded.

"Right up." she grinned and trotted away.

We both flipped through our menus, the food was so hard to choose from. I wanted to order everything but I knew they would probably give me weird looks. My mouth was watering at the pictures and sound of some of the stuff as I weighed out my options.

Next to us was another table of a family of four. Mom, dad, daughter and son. The last of which was probably about sixteen and was currently staring at our table. I guess he was bored but it wasn't half unnerving. Rylan obviously sensed it and turned his head to raise an eyebrow at the boy, who's head snapped back to his plate to fast I was surprised he didn't get whiplash. I had to cough to hide my laughter and saw Rye smirked also.

"Here we are." the waitress was back, setting our drinks down before straightening up and getting her pad and pen out again. "Have you chosen?"

"Yeah." I said and looked at Rylan, he nodded. "Can I get some mozzarella sticks and nacho's to start and then a cowboy burger please." I saw her eyes bug out a little and then flash quickly to look at my body, obviously wondering where I would put it all. She scribbled it all down on her pad with a smile.

"Of course, and you, sir." She turned her grin on Rye.

"Some hot buffalo wings for starter and the 9oz sirloin, please."

We handed her the menu's and watched as she walked away. Turning back to my friend, I stifled a random yawn. "Do you mind if I call Sam quick. I need to tell him the news."

"Sure, go ahead."

I grabbed my cell from my pocket and dialled Sam's number. He picked up on the fourth ring. "Hey, babe." he answered, "What's the news?"

"They're having a girl!" I cheered, a little louder then I should have as people turned to look at me. Rylan chuckled and shook his head before sipping his shake, eyes clinching closed as it went to his head.

"Wow, awesome! We're going to have a niece…oh my god, we're going to have a niece." His voice was full of awe.

"Yes we are. Its…amazing. I'm out to lunch with Rylan now but I'll see you later."

"Okay, baby. Tell him a said congratulations."

"Will do. Love you."

"Love you. Bye."

I shoved my phone back in my pocket. "He says congrats." I told Rylan, who smiled.

"I really want the next few months to go quickly." He said, "I want to marry my woman and see my baby."

"Never thought you'd say that at eighteen, huh."

He laughed and shook his head, "Definitely not." he murmured, "Didn't think I'd say it for a long time coming."

I spotted the waitress coming with our food and hummed in anticipation. She walked up to our table and set my nachos and Rye's wings down before going away and bringing my mozzarella sticks. We thanked her as she left us.

"Yummy, I'm starving." I moaned as I bit into a stick.

"You are always starving." Rye laughed, licking some sauce off of his lip.

"So, your parents and the gang coming to the wedding, right?" I asked as I munched my way through my food.

"Yep. Can't say there were exactly pleased…the 'rents that is. The guys were just happy. They want to see Leah while she's pregnant. And then I assume they'll come back after she's born."

"Thought of any names yet?"

He nodded, "We've spoken about a few, but we are keeping it quiet until she is born."

"Damn." I pouted, "What were the boys names that you would have picked?"

"We liked Isaiah, Brayden and Finn. But we were never sure."

"Good name, maybe something for your future children." I mumbled through a mouthful.

He smirked, "Maybe."

We finished our starters and talked all the way through our main courses. Not really stopping to see what was around us and not caring. We were having a laugh and talking about the old days back in phoenix. About all the trouble we got up to.

We were a few hours before we left and started driving home. We were quite quiet on the way back, but it was a comfortable silence and when I dropped him off, he kissed me on the cheek before leaving.

I drove home with a smile on my face. Thinking about the day I've had. A relaxed one, that was for sure. When I got in the house, Loup was waiting for me by the door, looking up and panting at me. I chuckled at his face and stroked his head before travelling to the kitchen. Seth wasn't in, so I assumed he went out with friends or went with Jake to the Cullen's.

I spent the afternoon making some cookies and cooking up some chicken and rice and chopping some fruit for the picnic Sam and I were going to have later.

There was a big picnic basket in a cupboard under the kitchen island and it had a large red and blue checked blanket in it. I made sure everything was clean before putting the food in the fridge, feeding Loup and jogging upstairs and stripping off.

Taking off my underwear, I saw that my monthly gift had finally been delivered. And I honestly couldn't tell whether or not I was happy about it. This morning, when I woke up and still wasn't on, it scared me. A lot. But I kinda got used to the idea. But now seeing that I'm not pregnant…it was a little bit of a shock. I let out a sigh, whether it was relief or disappointment I wasn't sure. I suppose these things were just something that you couldn't control.

Blowing out a breath, I shook my head and jumped into the shower. I had a quick wash before drying and changing into a white summer dress and flip flops. Perfect for going to the beach in, even if the weather wasn't perfect.

I was just finished placing all the food in the picnic basket and strapping plates onto the underside of the lid along with some cutlery. There was a bottle of wine in the fridge and although I wasn't technically legal to drink, I placed it in the basket anyway with two glasses.

I heard a car pull up and Sam whistling up to the front door. "Hey baby!" he called when he shut the door behind him.

"Hiya." I replied.

His footsteps headed in my direction and I smiled when he came through the door. His lips spread into a grin as he trotted over to me, swooping down to press his lips against mine. I moaned softly, lifting a hand to grip his hair.

"What was that for?" I asked as he pulled back.

He frowned slightly, "A man cant kiss his beautiful woman for no reason?"

I lifted a shoulder, "I suppose." and kissed him again, "Go grab a shower, I'll wait for you down here."

"Okay, baby." he said, turning and jogging out of the room and up the stairs.

I just dawdled around for a while. Fixing up the rest of the basket and grabbing a blanket. I was really looking forward to going out with him. We didn't really do that much. We hung out with everyone most of the time. Or just talked. There hadn't been so much date action in our relationship.

He was out of the shower quickly and I could hear him shuffling around looking for what to wear. I grabbed the stuff and headed towards the front door, opening it just as Sam came running down the stairs in jeans and an open white linen shirt. He ran a hand through his hair and grinned at me.

"Lets go baby."

"We taking Loup?"

"Nope, just you and me. We'll bring him next time." He said, picking up the picnic basket with one hand and grabbing mine with the other. I tucked the blanket under my arm and pulled the door closed behind us before transferring it to my free hand and clutching it to my chest.

"How was work?" I asked as we walked towards the beach, our intertwined hands swinging gently between us.

"Not bad, we don't get a lot of action in La Push. Went to stop some kids mucking about in a parking lot and then did some paper work and then patrolled for a bit. What did that dude say about the baby?" he asked, obviously meaning Carl.

"He said she was really healthy and growing normally. I cant believe it, Sammy. I'm going to have a niece." I gushed, giggling slightly.

He pulled me a bit closer, not happy that there space between us. "I know. I'm going to be an uncle. There is going to be a proper baby around. The first member of the next generation of our pack."

"It's crazy. Can you imagine, ten years from now, all of us having children. We will be one massive family."

"How many children are we going to have?" He asked, looking down at me with a smile.

I chuckled, "Loads. I think the idea of a large family appeals to me."

He gave a sigh of relief, "Thank the lord. I think we should have about six." he nodded.

"We'll have to see how it goes." I sniggered, pulling him along as our feet touched the sand. The grains were dry and cool and fell between my toes as my flip flops sunk into it a little.

"Do we know whether you are pregnant from before?" he asked quietly and I nibbled my bottom lip.

"I'm not." I sighed, trying to shove down that part of me that wanted the answer to be different.

Beside me, Sam sighed before leaning over and kissing my temple. "Okay." he said softly. I looked down, watching my feet. "Hey, what's that about." he nudged me, "Smile."

Looking up at him, I did just that, only faking it a little. We found the perfect spot, far enough away from the water so that when the tide started coming in we wouldn't have to move. I set the blanket out and then sat down on it as Sam joined me.

"What's going on in there." He asked, his finger prodding my forehead. "You're not happy that you're not pregnant?" he asked and I saw the excitement in his eyes.

Opening up the basket, I brought out the food while Sam opened the wine and poured us some. "I thought I would be relieved." I murmured, "And in some way I was. I just…I dunno…I was a little disappointed as well."

"Well, all the talk about babies and with Leah being pregnant is bound to make you want it a bit. The idea of us being a bigger family. Its tempting and I really want it. But you want us to be married first, don't you."

I nodded, "I do. It seems a little silly, but I was us to be husband and wife before we bring any children into our family."

"I better hurry up with that proposal then, aye." He chuckled, taking the lids off of the Tupperware and picking up a strawberry, holding it out to me.

I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around the half that his fingers didn't obscure. My lips stroked his fingertips as I bit through the fruit and pulled back, moaning softly. "Yum." I smiled as I chewed.

An erotic growl rumbled up his chest as he popped the rest of the strawberry into his mouth. "The wedding is coming up soon. We need to get you a tux." I said, nibbling on some spinach and feta filo parcels.

"Fun." he murmured sarcastically.

"We can go to Seattle, maybe stay in a hotel over night. That way we can get some time together."

He cocked his head, "That's a very good idea." he picked up a piece of chicken. "I'll sort it out."

"Thanks. I can get a dress too." I smiled, sipping some wine.

"Of course you can, baby. How about we look at some rings while we're there too?" he added

I nodded, "We should." I said and his smile grew.

"What kind of ring do you think you will want?" he asked and I shrugged.

"Not sure, just as long as its not yellow gold." I said.

"Not going to be hard to pick then."

I giggled, "I think a three stone ring would be nice."

"Anything you want, gorgeous."

We ate and ate, feeding each other sometimes as we talked about anything and everything. Our main thing was what we saw in the future for everyone. We discussed Jacob and Edward and the others that haven't imprinted yet. We spoke about Seth and his friendship with the vampires. Sam wasn't incredibly happy about that, but he was getting used to the fact that we weren't enemies with them anymore. They were part of our family now.

When we were finished eating, we packed the stuff away and Sam laid down. I curled up next to him, flinging a leg over his hip and resting my head on his chest. We watched the sunset. Observing as the star looked like I sunk beneath the ocean. His hand stroked my hair as my fingers danced over his abs. This was the life really. And I appreciate this more then anything.

"What shall we get Leah and Rylan for their wedding present?" Sam asked as I snuggled further into him.

"Something that the two of them can use. Something for the house maybe."

"How about some photos for them to put in the nursery. We can take some of the pack. What if we have a campfire next week and get the pictures then."

"That's good. We can get some really nice crystal frames for them."

"Sorted." his hand slid across my arm that was lying on his chest. "They will love it. Are the Cullen's coming to the wedding?"

"Yeah." I nodded, "There isn't going to be many of us. But I think the gang back in Phoenix is coming down so we might have a few of them staying with us."

"Oh, okay. I forgot about those lot."

"Charming." I chuckled. We lay in silence for a little bit, before I licked my lips and sighed happily. "Its so beautiful here."

"That's because you're here." he said, his voice full of amusement.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah yeah. I'm so glad I moved back home. Imagine that I didn't and I stayed in Arizona."

The muscles in his stomach tensed. "I cant imagine that, baby. It hurts to much."

I nodded, "I get how you feel. I cant imagine life without you, I don't want to." I turned my head to kiss his pec. "I cant wait to spend the rest of my life in your arms. With our family here."

He pulled me over him, so that I was looking down at his face. "On our fiftieth wedding anniversary, we're going to be here and we're going to do this. Promise me."

I giggled and nodded, "Absolutely. Promise."

"Now, I'm sure you owe me a make out session." he grinned like the cat that caught the canary.

"That I do." I murmured, lowering my head to press our lips together.

The warm, soft feel of his lips made me wiggle into him a little more. Moaning softly as his hands ran up my back and into my hair. Our mouths stroked softly, tongues peaking out to wet our paths and slide against each other. The sound of our lips slapping together was amazing as the kisses became heated and rough.

This was it. The touch of our lips making me shudder with pleasure. The simple things. What we give each other that we don't give to anyone else. It was something shared only between us now and that's the way its going to stay until we die.

It was a strong, powerful thought.

After about fifteen minutes, we pulled apart and he stroked my hair out of my face. "Love you." he murmured.

I laid back down against him. "Love you." I replied, my lips brushing against his chest.

We lay there, together, under the stars. It was my own personal heaven.