Who Is The Hottest Girl??

OneShot -- ~*~[Who Is The Hottest Girl?]~*~ — Chapter 1

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Who is the hottest girl of them all?


Alyssa – Lyssa-kins

Hinata – ShyGirl

Ino – SexyThing

Michaela – Mikkay_Mouse

Morgan – Morgle<3Rox

Sakura – CherryBlossom

Temari – LadyOfWind

Tenten – WeaponsMistress

Tenten: hey girls

Michaela: everyone needs to change their status to invisible. Quickly

Hinata: why?

Temari: yeah, what’s up?

Michaela: just do it

Sakura: fine little girl stop snapping at us


Alyssa: what was that about sweetie?

Ino: seriously

Michaela: the guys are signing into CHAT to talk in a few minutes and we are going to be eavesdropping

Morgan: the guys?

Michaela: yes

Hinata: who exactly?

Michaela: all of them

Alyssa: really? All of them?

Sakura: that’s what she said isn’t it?

Alyssa: quiet!

Sakura: make me

Ino: both of you shut up and listen to her for a minute

Michaela: thank you. Alyssa, Sakura, you don’t have to marry each other, you merely have to acknowledge each other’s existence for a few minutes of your time

Sakura: whatever

Alyssa: fine

Morgan: so who is signing on?

Hinata: look eureka is online

Tenten: tell her to sign over here and be invisible

Temari: I’ll do that


Eureka: what’s this about

Hinata: spying on the guys

Eureka: cool, I like it

Michaela: Sasuke, Naruto, kiba, shino, chouji, shikamaru, lee, neji, gaara, my kanky, and itachi are going to sign in and talk about who they think is the hottest

Temari: fantastic

Ino: I bet it’s me

Sakura: no its definitely me

Morgan: no one likes you, no offense intended

Sakura: hey ms nice girl aren’t you gonna say that’s mean?

Michaela: not when its true

Temari: ha

Tenten: you go

Ino: love you girl (:

Eureka: -teehee-

Michaela: remember not to speak when they’re on. Log into our group I set up and talk so they don’t see, kay?

Hinata: we know

Sakura: we’re not stupid

Alyssa: quiet


Sasuke – advenger_1

Naruto – -Hokage-

Kiba -- .Dog.Boy.

Shino – Beetles_lol_

Shikamaru – Cloud9

Chouji – Food<3

Neji – Destiny~is~Key

Lee – Youthful_Beast

Kankuro – PuppetMaster

Gaara – SandKING

Itachi – GrrLLover

Naruto: everyone here?

(Ino: omg theyre here)

(Sakura: duh you pig)

(Ibo: Shut up forehead!)

(Michaela: be quiet and listen)

Lee: I believe so!

Itachi: so who is the hottest?

Kiba: Ino

(Ino: yes!)

Kiba: but mikkay is hot too. They tie with me

(Ino: what??)

(Temari: ha ha.)

Kankuro: she’s mine and no doubt she’s hot. I only choose the best

(Michaela: yay kanky thinks I’m hot (: )

(Tenten: makes sense)

(Alyssa: yeah you two are kinda dating)

(Michaela: even so, it makes me happy)

Neji: I disagree

(Michaela: awh ): )

Kankuro: oh yeah?

Neji: tenten is the hottest

(Tenten: awh)

Lee: tenten is attractive but I do not agree! I believe eureka is the hottest of all!

(Eureka: awh lee <3)

Gaara: no

(Sakura: bet he says me)

(Alyssa: you wish)

Gaara: Alyssa is hottest

(Sakura: what?)

(Alyssa: ha)

Chouji: I like ino. She’s hot

(Ino: that’s two for me!)

(Morgan: mikkay has two too)

(Michaela: yeah I do)

(Tenten: I think I have one and a half ^_^’)

Shikamaru: temari

(Temari: damn straight I am)

Shikamaru: ino is troublesome

(Ino: gr..)

Naruto: Hinata!

(Hinata: *blush*)

Sasuke: morgan

(Morgan: happy me)

(Sakura: 0.0)

Shino: …Hinata

Itachi: nice. She is hot

(Alyssa: let’s see…I have one, eureka one, hinata two, ino two, mikkay two, morgan one, tenten one and a half?, temari one, but sakura none. Looks like someones unpopular)

(Sakura: shut up, itachi still has to say)

Sasuke: who do you think is hottest?

Itachi: all of them


Itachi: except for sakura. Shes nasty

Sakura (not invisible no more) : WHAT?

(~Guys: *CONFUSION*~)

Temari: hahaha that is so funny

Ino: ooh I love it

Morgan: lol me too

Hinata: I’m sorry sakura

Tenten: you’re too nice hinata. Sakura deserves it

Eureka: maybe a little

Alyssa: too funny

Michaela: I’m sorry but omg (:

Kiba: whoa

Kankuro: when did you guys get here?

Michaela: hi kanky <3

Kankuro: hey sexy

Naruto: were you all here the entire time?

Hinata: yes

Sasuke: figures

Shikamaru: troublesome

Temari: whatever babe

Lee: how youthful! Spying is such a great way to showcase your youth!

Neji: lee you idiot

Tenten: oh lee

Eureka: leave him be please

Chouji: you girls were spying?

Ino: yeah

Itachi: we got some sneaky women on our hands

Morgan: definitely

Shino: how’d you know?

Tenten: actually one of us knew


Temari: oh who needs her? Sourpuss

Sasuke: back on topic. Who knew?

Michaela: me! (:

Kankuro: you?

Alyssa: yepp it was all mikkay

Gaara: nice

Michaela: teehee

Itachi: very nice

Kiba: (;

Kankuro: MINE!

Gaara: question

Alyssa: yes gaara-kins?

Gaara: are we all in the same house?

Michaela: I think

Kankuro: really? Where are we all? I’m in the comp room

Alyssa: gaara’s bedroom

Michaela: kanky’s bedroom

Gaara: library

Kankuro: dang we have a big house

Gaara: you think?


Alyssa: and now they’re gone

Michaela: kankuro you should come back to your room

Kankuro: why?

Michaela: cuz…

Kankuro: oh. Gotcha!


Gaara: that’s a great idea, actually. I’m coming to my room now too

Alyssa: yay!



A/N: I wrote this a while ago, like almost a year ago. Not my best, but hey, whatever. 

Morgan is an OC of my friend Morgan, and Alyssa is an OC of my friend Alyssa. I hope they enjoyed this! Sorry for all the Sakura bashing! Honestly, it was a little hard to write ): I personally have nothing against her. It was just for humor purposes, I swear.

Peace and love!