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My Life… — Chapter 1

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(Dongho P.O.V)

My name is Shin Dongho, I am 15 years old. Throughout my life…I’ve live through fear, pain, and suffering.

I have an appa, umma, and a lovely nuna. But you see, most people don’t have that. They would say, “Oh you’re lucky you have both of your parents…”

But I don’t consider myself lucky, I love my umma and my nuna very much, but I don’t really love my appa at all. The man only thinks about gambling and more beers. I had to drop out of school because I had no money to pay for my school tuitions. Every day now I have to help my pregnant nuna at the ocean bay to catch fishes, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, any sea creatures so that both my umma and I can sell them at the market, sometimes in front of our house if we don’t have many space at the market. We do this so that we have money to pay off the rent and utility.

“Yah… Dongho, how much…is the fish?” Kang the infamous market bully also my nuna husband asked.

“5 dollar…” I said not bothering to look at him.

He suddenly grabbed my hand, caressing it, “Well…how much are you worth…” I pulled my hand away, “Look…are you buying fishes or no? If not go away I’m busy.”

He grabbed my chin, stroking it, “how is it possible, that you look even better than a girl, even nuna can’t compare to you.” He leans down…

What the hell is he doing?!

I pushed him away, “Don’t touch me you filthy oaf! Or I’ll tell my nuna.”

“Ha! Go ahead. What is she going to do with that big belly of hers?”

“Correction, that big belly has your baby in it.” I told him.

“Hmph…well, I’ll see you at home.”

I don’t know what my nuna see in him. He a jerk!

After selling the sea creature I stack the buckets, and carried it home. I made 200 today. Umma and nuna would be so proud.

But when I got home. Shouts and banging was coming from inside the house.

“You got another girl pregnant didn’t you? Didn’t you!” my nuna yelled.

“So what! I need to get satisfied I wasn’t getting any pussy from you of course I have to find someone who would give me what I need.” Kang said.

“You asshole!” I came in right when my nuna lunged at Kang slapping and hitting him.

“Nuna!” Before I could get to her, Kang gave her a back hand slap that dropped her to the floor.

“Nuna!” I rushed to her side while Kang just stared.

“Fuck this shit I’m out.” Without even caring he left.

“Nuna.” I soothed her.

Suddenly the breathing started coming in hard panting.

“Nuna!” what’s happening to her, and there I saw it, blood…lots of blood pooling on the wood floor and sliding down her thighs and legs.

“D—D— Dongho! Hospital, take me to the hospital!” she cried.

I help my nuna up, how will we get there? We have no car…my bike!

I help my nuna onto my bike, “Hold on tight nuna.”

I started paddling as fast as I can; god please let me be on time…

“Ahhhh! Dongho hurry!” she cried in agony.

I paddle as fast as my legs could go. I could barely feel my legs but still kept on paddling.

Finally… “Nuna, we’re here.”

I help her off, “Nuna, hold on.” She held her stomach, as she cried for help.

I hope her to the entrances, “Someone please help my sister. Someone please!”

The doctor brought out the rolling bed. They took her from me placing her on the bed, “Nuna…”

I followed them, and had to wait outside the emergency room…while they deliver her baby. I was soaked with blood…her blood. Nuna please be ok…

Why are they taking so long…1 hour turn to 4 hours…it takes so long.

Finally the doctor came out…

“Doctor…how is she? Is she ok?” I asked.

The doctor took a deep breath, shaking his head side to side, “I’m sorry, I really am, we tried our best to save her, but the labor was harsh on her. She was losing so much blood, she was to week to push the baby out, we wanted to do a c-session but she won’t hear it. She had no energy to push out the infant and died trying…”

Tears were falling from my eyes…the baby… “How—how about the baby?”

“The baby is safe however, his twin did not make it…the nurse is cleaning him now.”

“Can I see my sister?”

“Yes…” I pushed pass the doctor and went through the emergency room door, there she was…I ran to her side, throwing myself on her, her face …so pale…so lifeless…

“Nuna, nuna, wake up. Wake up…nuna wake up!” I held her, laid on her, shaking her awake…but my lovely nuna was dead…

(End of Dongho P.O.V)

(Jaejoong P.O.V)

“Hey Jae, what is your appa giving you for your 23rd birthday?” Yunho asked me.

“I don’t know, he won’t tell me.” I said.

“Probably girls for everyday of the week.” Junsu laughed.

“If he does that, they better be young and innocent.” I said.

“Ha! He probably gave you old and wrinkling slut.” Yoochun laughed.

“Yea…you can have that.” I said.

“Changmin ah, are you going to finish that?” Junsu asked.

“Of course hyung, I’m hungry.” Changmin said stuffing a piece of chicken into his mouth.

I looked around and a girl with long black hair, mini skirt that goes up to her ass starring at me, she smiled seductively…

“Guys, I’ll be back…”

(End of Jaejoong P.O.V)

(Dongho P.O.V)

I held the little boy in my hand, what a life you have…growing up without a mother. I will care for you as best as I can…if your father doesn’t want you I’ll be your father. Sokhyun…that will be your name…

My tears roll down, falling down on the baby cheek while the doctor wasn’t looking I took the baby and left quietly out of the baby’s room and out of the hospital.

I rode my baby holding the bar with one hand as my other hand held the baby. I’ll take care of him nuna…you can count on me.

When I got the house umma rushed out to me, “Dongho where’s your nuna.”

“Umma…nuna…is gone…nuna died in labor, she had a twin umma, but the first child died…this one survive…umma I Miss nuna…” I held my umma tightly and Sokhyun in one hand. I cried non-stop…nuna…she gone…

After I had no more tears to shed, umma held her grandbaby…but she couldn’t hold him for long, she gave him back to me.

“Umma, I name him Sokhyun, do you like it?”

She just nodded but looked at Sokhyun no more…

Suddenly the door swung open, appa came charging in on umma. “Nani, give me a hundred bucks, I need to win that son of a bitch!”

“Husband, I—I can’t.” my umma cried. I wiped my tears; I took the sleeping baby and laid him in my room, and looked at my parents talked.

“Why the fuck not?!” my appa yelled.

“Husband, our daughter is dead. I need the money for her funeral.” My umma cried louder.

“How the fuck she died!” he asked angrily.

“Kang and her fight, Kang slapped her causing her to go into labor, both her and her 1st born died…only one live but what does it matter? She gone our baby gone!” my umma drop to the floor crying her heart out.

“So fuck the funeral! Who the fuck told her to marry that son of a bitch! She deserve to die!” what…how can he be so cruel?

“Dongho, I know you have money, give it to me!”

“No!!! It for nuna funeral!” I yelled through my tears

“You dare raise your voice at me!” he struck my face…I dropped to the floor my cheek stung from the abuse.

“Give me the fucken money!”

I refused, “No!” he raised his foot and kicked me, and the force got me rolling in pain.

“I won’t give it to you!” I yelled.

My umma tried to stop him but she couldn’t, as he kicked me over and over again. My face...My back, my stomach, my body was numb…

This is what I have to live with through, this is my life…

He got tired… “Fuck!” he stormed out of the house.


“Don’t umma.” She sounded as if the child is to blame for nuna death…if she won’t care for him…then I will…

(End of Dongho P.O.V)