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Chapter I — Chapter 1

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Konoha It's been two years since Sasuke had come back from Orochimaru's grasp. Naruto and Hinata were out training, Sakura was with Tsunade, and Kakashi was looking for Sasuke, most likely. Sasuke had only one thought running through his mind, it was about Sakura. 'Should I ask?' he thought, 'What if she says no?' he pushed that thought aside. "I'll ask her today." Poof. Then Kakashi was standing in front of him. "Time for training." he said. Kakashi put away his Icha Icha Paradise book. "I want you to train without your Sharingan today," he saidhe continued, "while I use mine." he finished pulling up his headband.Konoha Hospital "Tsunade-sensei," said Sakura, "I don't think I'm doing this right." "Again?" Tsunade asked. Ever since Sasuke had returned Sakura's mind wandered at work. She was trying to figure out what was so distracting today. She couldn't figure it out. "Sakura, try healing this man's broken bone, then you can go." Tsunade said with a sigh.Konoha Training Grounds "Ah, this place is where we became Genin. This brings back such memories. Naruto was such an idiot." Sasuke said with a slight smile. "Actually." started Kakashi, "Naruto and Sakura have managed to take the bells while I was using my Sharingan. Sakura has become insanely strong now." Kakashi said with a slight shudder at recalling the memory. "She can't be that strong, can she?" "You'll see in a minute." said Kakashi pulling out his book again, then he was gone.25 minutes later Kakashiwas back wiht Sakura and Naruto at his side. "I'm back." he said with what they all presumed was a smile behind his mask. "Only you take 25 minutes Kakashi-sensei." replied Sasuke just before he was hugged by Sakura. Sasuke was confused, 'It's been two years. Didn't she know I was back?' he thought. "I can't believe you're back!" shouted Sakura, 'I could just kiss him,' she thought, 'but better not.' "I've been back for two years, didn't you know? Sasuke asked, Big mistake.Sakura rounded on Kakashi and Naruto, punching a nearby tree, uprooting it in the process while Sasuke stood wide eyed at Sakura's strength."Naruto! Kakashi-sensei! I'm going to kill you both!" she yelled. With Sakura's strength it was entirely possible, in one hit that is. "Sakura calm down," said Naruto just before he got a face full of fist, knocking him straight into the sky and into a tree. All you could see was his foot and man was that thing torn up! "Sakura, Tsunade ordered me not to tell you. She told Naruto that to. She tried to tell you but she told me you broke down in tears." Kakashi said dodging her bone-crushing blow. She realized that Kakashi was right. Anything that was even close to the Uchiha name would send tears down her face. "I'm sorry Kakashi-sensei," she turned to where Naruto used to be standing, "and I'm sorry Naruto." "Naruto would love to hear that, when he gets out of the tree that is." Kakashi pointed out. "Oops. I'll get him." Sakura said pulling Naruto from the tree and healing his wounds. "When did you learn how to heal people Sakura?" asked Sasuke. "Well, I started when you left. Tsunade has been teaching me." Naruto's eyes flickered open. "Have we started training yet? I have to get back home to my wife and kids." Naruto stated. "You have kids now?" asked Sasuke, shocked. "Yeah, I married Hinata and we have two beautiful children. Their names are Rinku and Shina." Naruto said. "Are we going to train or talk? Three... Two... One... Training has beguin!" Kakashi said, and they were gone.